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Be the first to experience a brand new type of combat in the Shadow Arena!

  • 2018.12.01 16:00 (GMT+8)
  • / by Black Desert

Hello Adventurers!


Today we are here to introduce the ‘Shadow Arena’, which was revealed for the first time during the showcase held in Korea and Taiwan. You can get a hands-on experience of the new mode right here, on the Black Desert Global Lab!

Continue reading our GM Note to find out more about this exciting new game mode!


◆ Survival Game Mode!

The Shadow Arena is a new content that everyone will be able to experience in the Global Lab starting on 12/1/2018 (Sat) until further notice. You can enter the Shadow Arena every day, between 18:00 to 19:00. Once the start is announced in the Global Lab servers, you’ll be able to enter the Shadow Arena by opening the ESC Menu and clicking on the Shadow Arena icon.


The keyword for this game mode is ‘survival’.

Fight opponents within a limited area and be the last person standing to win!

You cannot trust anyone inside this arena, you must rely solely on yourself.


The rules are simple.

Enter the arena and possess one of the characters on the ground.

Learn the skills and collect items.

Then survive until the very end!



 ◆What do I play in the Shadow Arena?

You will enter the arena as a cute little Black Spirit and you can press spacebar to make it fly.

The battle begins with the Black Spirit ascending to the sky then plummeting down to the world.


▲You start out as a cute little Black Spirit.


The first thing you must do is to find a body and possess it.

You need to find a body as fast as you can because you will continue to lose HP as a Black Spirit.

But choose wisely! You cannot change your character after you possess one.


▲There’s a high chance that there will be a body near a Black Sphere!


Did you make your choice?

The character you possess will be brand new and will not have any skills.

It will only have a base weapon and use basic attacks.


First, open your inventory to equip your base weapon and get ready to fight.

You can obtain various items and skills by destroying boxes and defeating monsters.

Collect what you need like gear, skills, and supplies and grow.

Stronger monsters with a higher chance of dropping better gear will start to appear over time.


Skills will be set to your Quick Slot automatically upon learning. You can use them by pressing the hotkeys on your quick slots or the commands.


Supplies such as HP potions and stun traps will be set to F1, F2, F3, F4.

You can use these items to get yourself out of immediate danger!


▲Don’t forget, supplies will be set to F1,F2,F3,F4!


Some monsters may seem like NPCs from afar, but they can turn into ‘possessed’ monsters once you get close. They will attack you! So don’t ever let your guard down!


You will start on a large open battlefield, but a Dark Fog surrounding the arena will close into the center as the game progresses. A terrifying Black Spirit awaits for adventurers that enter the fog. This Black Spirit is very powerful and will inflict grave damage to you in an instant!


Do you want to get stronger?

Those of you who are willing to take the risk, listen up!

The fastest but most dangerous way for you to get stronger in the Shadow Arena is by slaying other survivors. Once you slay someone, their possession becomes yours. But remember, things might not go as you planned!



◆ Tips for survival in the Shadow Arena!

1. You can fly by pressing spacebar when you are a Black Spirit. Speed is everything! Search for the Black Spheres.

2. You have a higher chance to obtain skill scrolls and supplies from boxes, and gear from defeating monsters.

3. Monsters become stronger over time and give better gear.

4. You can increase your chances for survival by going out onto the field because you are more likely to meet other survivors by the Black Spheres.

5. Boxes that you can destroy will be marked with a blue effect.

6. You are guaranteed a yellow grade item if you defeat the boss monsters that appears occasionally.


Run from the Dark Fog and be the last adventurer standing!

So, are you ready?


See you at the Shadow Arena!


※ Rewards for Shadow Arena are currently under discussion. They will be announced through future patch notes.

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