Updates [업데이트] 08/02 (Thu) Update Details
Black Desert 2018-08-02 14:20

Greetings, Adventurers.


Below you will find the Black Desert Global Lab patch notes for Aug. 2nd. 2018.

With today’s update, new changes are added including PvP balancing, Guaranteed Enhancement system, and more.


Please read on for more details.


◈ Black Desert Global Lab
In Black Desert Global Lab, for a smooth test performance, you will start as a Lv. 60 class when you create a character, and 2,792 Skill Points will be given to your created character.
You can also obtain Global Lab exclusive items through completing Challenges (Y), or Global Lab Goods Vendor NPCs.
■  How to purchase Global Lab exclusive items
You can purchase the items from NPC Eiorah located at each major town.

  ▶ [GM Note] Learn more about Eiorah, Black Desert Global Lab Exclusive Goods Vendor
■ Black Desert Global Lab Exclusive Challenges
Items needed for a smoother test are given by completing the followed Challenges.
Please note that each of these Challenges(Y) can be finished only once per Family. 

[Global Lab Support Kit 1]
 - Awakening Secret Book matching the character  x1
 - Weight Limit +250 LT x5
 - Inventory +16 Expansion Coupon x10
 - Gold Bar 100G x5
 - Polar Bear (Tier-4) x1

[Global Lab Support Kit 2]
 - Kydict Gear Package x1 (AP 253 / DP 293)
 - Tier-8 Horse Emblem x1
 - Ship License: Epheria Sailboat x1
 - Elion’s Blessing x100
 - Black Desert Global Lab Boss Gear Box

[Global Lab Support Kit 3]
- Big Hard-Boiled Shellfish x100
- Agile Seal Elixir x100
- [Event] Splat Fisher’s Clothes Set (7 Days) x1
- [Event] Da-Dum Da-Dum Suit Set (7 Days) x1

[Global Lab Support Kit 4]
- Polar Bear (Tier-4) x4
[Global Lab Support Kit 5]
- [Event] Horse Flute (7 Days)
- Horse Emblem for Returning Adventurers (Tier 8)

[Global Lab Support Kit 6]
- [Event] Horse Flute (7 Days)
- +8 Epheria Sailboat : Dragon Prow
- +8 Epheria Sailboat : Enhanced Black Plating
- +8 Epheria Sailboat : Elena Cannon
- +8 Epheria Sailboat : Black Breeze Sail



▣ New Updates


[Item Changes]

● Eiorah, the Global Lab Vendor NPC now sells the followed items:

- JIN Magic Crystal - Harphia

- BON Magic Crystal - Harphia

- WON Magic Crystal - Harphia

- JIN Magic Crystal - Cobelinus

- BON Magic Crystal - Cobelinus

- WON Magic Crystal - Cobelinus

- JIN Magic Crystal - Viper

- BON Magic Crystal - Viper

- WON Magic Crystal - Viper

- JIN Magic Crystal - Hystria

- BON Magic Crystal - Hystria

- WON Magic Crystal - Hystria

- JIN Magic Crystal - Carmae

- BON Magic Crystal - Carmae

- WON Magic Crystal - Carmae

- JIN Magic Crystal - Addis

- BON Magic Crystal - Addis

- WON Magic Crystal - Addis

- Granverre Feather Champron

- Granverre Leather Barding

- Granverre Leather Saddle

- Granverre Leather Stirrups

- Granverre Leather Horseshoe

● Guaranteed Enhancement system has been added.

* You can perform Guaranteed Enhancement onto Main-weapon, Sub-weapon, Awakening Weapon, Helmet, Armor, Gloves, and Shoes.

* If you use the followed items to perform Guaranteed Enhancement, you will succeed in Enhancing at 100% chance while consuming 30 durability.

- Stabilized Magic Black Stone : You can perform Guaranteed Enhancement onto green-grade gears from +13 to +15.

- Cleansed Magic Black Stone : You can perform Guaranteed Enhancement onto blue-grade gears from +13 to +15.

- Flawless Magic Black Stone : You can perform Guaranteed Enhancement onto yellow-grade gears from +13 to +15.

※ Note that you will use the same type of Magic Black Stone that would be required for the original grade color of the non-Reformed gear, even when the gear is Reformed.

* You can obtain the above Magic Black Stones from defeating World Bosses or Field Bosses. Note that you cannot register the items onto Marketplace.

* The number of Magic Black Stones required for Guaranteed Enhancement is as follows:

  - When Enhancing to +13 : 5 Magic Black Stones

  - When Enhancing to +14 : 8 Magic Black Stones

  - When Enhancing to +15 : 13 Magic Black Stones

● It has bee changed that you cannot move items in Inventory (I) while Enhancement is in progress.



● New Challenge, 'Gift of Gorgas’ has been added.

* You can complete this Challenge max once per Family.

* You can obtain Stabilized Magic Black Stone when reaching certain level.

- When reaching Lv. 50~53 : x5

- When reaching Lv. 54 : x6

* If you have already reached Lv. 54, The Challenges will be instantly complete.

● New Challenge, 'Global Lab Support Kit #5' has been added

* You can complete this Challenge max once per Family.

* Event] Horse Flute (7 Days)[

* Horse Emblem for Returning Adventurers (Tier 8)

- If you register the Emblem at Stable, you can obtain a Tier 8 horse learned all skills.

● New Challenge, ‘Global Lab Support Kit 6’ has been added.

* You can complete this Challenge max once per Family.

- [Event] Horse Flute (7 Days)

- +8 Epheria Sailboat : Dragon Prow

- +8 Epheria Sailboat : Enhanced Black Plating

- +8 Epheria Sailboat : Elena Cannon

- +8 Epheria Sailboat : Black Breeze Sail


[Knowledge, Quest]

● New quest has been added where your character is to deliver a book of knowledge from the other side of the world to Anbelif in Kamasylvia has been added.

- Lemoria Guard Commander

- Upheaval in Navarne Steppe

- Investigating to Protect Nature

- Whispers of the Night Sky

- Specialty Books from Across the Border I

- Specialty Books from Across the Border II

- Specialty Books from Across the Border III

- The Bow of Kamasylvia

- You can receive this quest when talking to Anbelif NPC at Old Wisdom Tree if you have completed all main-quests of Kamasylvia Part I.

● The followed Knowledges that you can learn while performing the above quests have been added:

- Upheaval in Navarne Steppe

- the Bow of Kamasylvia, Ranger

- Animal’s Warning Senses



▣ Changes and Improvements


[Character Changes]

● The followed characters will now inflict 5% more damages when attacking Mystic and Striker:

- Dark Knight

- Witch

- Wizard


● Fixed the graphical issue where the ground would be flickering when using Voltaic Pulse, Thunder Storm skills.


[Item Changes]

● The required number of Concentrated Magic Black Crystal for Enhancing Enchanted Manos Crafter’s Clothes has been changed as follows:

- DUO : x2 -> x1

- TRI : x3 -> x1

- TET : x4 -> x1

- PEN : x5 -> x1

● You can now repair the Max. Durability of Enchanted Manos Accessory.

● It has been changed that the cooldown time of Lafi Bedmountain's Upgraded Compass will be decreased even when disconnected.

● The followed descriptions have been added to Ancient Ruins Key:

- Defender of the Ancient Holy Ground will be summoned when ukrofsed.

- The monster will disappear 10 minutes after being summoned.

● You can now obtain Black Crystal Fragment when performing the followed activities:

 - Mining, Bare-hand Gathering (Golem gathering not included), Hoe Gathering, Fluid Collecting, Blood Collecting, Tanning, Butchering.

● You can now sell the following items to NPC vendors:

- Chicken Feed

- Good Chicken Feed

- Special Chicken Feed


[Monster Changes]

● It has been changed that Defender of the Ancient Holy Ground will decrease 10 minutes after getting summoned with Ancient Ruins Key.

● Some of the locations of the Goblins appearing around Cron Castle have been changed.

● The Shadow Knights’ power became stronger around Watchtower and you will see more of them in the area.

● The number of Gray Wolves around Western Guard Camp area has increased.

● The amount of time Quint the First Troll attacks by repeatedly jumping in the same place has been reduced by 60%.

● World Bosses have arrived in Black Desert Global Lab!


























































Quint, Muraka




























 [Quest and Knowledge]

● Small Four-Leaf Clover has been added as reward for '[Daily] Lara’s Great Discovery and Bread' quest.

● The [Solo] Narc Magic Sealing Stone quest has become easier in difficulty.

- Reward EXP amount has been decreased about by 50%.

- The summoned Narc Brishka’s defense will be decreased by about 60%.

● The camera angle of 'Two Eyes of Abyss' quest has been changed.

● The quest objective of 'The Purpose of Altar’ has been changed from Ancient Weapon to Ancient Ruins.

- You can now enter the Underwater Ruins area by interacting with ‘Ancient Relic’.

● It has been changed that now interacting with Unstable Crevice is available only after completing Mysterious Companion quest.


[World/NPC/Effect/Cut Scenes]

● It has been changed that the barrier effect of Sycraia Underwater Ruins will be more visible.

● Fixed the graphical issue that occur with some terrain of the underwater area.

● Fixed the issue where shadow of ranged characters would appear awkward.

● The camera angle of Edan NPC at Valencia Castle has been changed.

● Guard NPC who is fighting Steel Imps has been added at the East gate of Western Guard Camp.

● Improvements have been made with navigation system for Altar of Agris and Western Guard Camp area.

● Improvements have been made so that hunting and moving can be done more smoothly in Sycraia Underwater Ruins area.



● When you mouse over the gathering level in My Information (P), the information displayed has been changed to the following:
- As your grade increases, the chance of energy not being consumed while gathering increases.

● The message ‘Connection with the server has been lost.’ will no longer be displayed when exiting the game.

● The default setting for the Fairy Morning Star’s skill has been changed to ‘Not Used’.

- The issue where the skill would activate after going to the character selection screen or a different server has been fixed.


▣ Resolved Issues

● Standard time of certain contents are changed as the game server time has been changed to UTC +3.

(Contents including Daily quest, Guild quest, Imperial Delivery, and more will be affected by this change.)
● [Ranger] Fixed the issue where the [Ranger] Crossing Wind I skill could be used even if it the character did not own the skill.
● [Maehwa] Fixed the issue where Stiffness effect would not be applied to distant targets upon using the skill Stigma.
● [Striker] Fixed an issue when using [Striker] Massive Suppression, the grabbed opponent would get the bound effect.
● [Striker] Fixed the wrong descriptions of the skill tooltip of Spiral Cannon.

● Fixed an issue where the following Marni's Stones could not be purchased normally.

- Marni's Stone (Basilisk)

- Marni's Stone (Basilisk) II

- Marni's Stone (Centaurus)

- Marni's Stone (Centaurus) II

- Marni's Stone (Roud Sulfur Mine)

- Marni's Stone (Roud Sulfur Mine) II

- Marni's Stone (Pila Ku)

- Marni's Stone (Pila Ku) II

- Marni's Stone (Navarne Steppe)

- Marni's Stone (Navarne Steppe) II

- Marni's Stone (Forest Ronaros)

- Marni's Stone (Forest Ronaros) II

- Marni's Stone (Kagtum)

- Marni's Stone (Sherekhan - Day)

- Marni's Stone (Sherekhan - Night)

- Marni's Stone (Tshira Ruins)

- Marni's Stone (Protty Cavern)

- Marni's Stone (Protty Cavern) II

- Marni's Stone (Sycraia)

- Marni's Stone (Sycraia) II

● The icon image of the Tungrad Ring has been changed.

● The Marketplace has been changed to apply the enhancement level filter when searching for Dragon Slayer weapons.

● It’s been changed so that you can learn knowledge when you get a buff through Datu Varudatu the NPC.

● The Wharf and Change Ship Appearance button has been changed to display the wharf icon.

● 'Aron's Adventure Journal' has been changed to 'Aron’s Research Journal'.

● It has been changed so that you can obtain the title 'Al Rhundi Champion' by defeating Al Rhundi through the main quests.

● Fixed the issue where Transport of items from Altinova to Ancado Inner Harbor was not possible.

● Fixed the issue where the quest would not be completed intermittently during the progression of the quest Gardaka's Treasure.

● Changed the requirements to accept the quest of '[Repeat] Cute and Delicious' in the quest window to match the actual requirements.

● Fixed the following items would guide you to the wrong NPC to exchange Hunter’s Seals for them.

- Grade 3 Weapon Reform Stone

- Grade 3 Armor Reform Stone

● Fixed the issue where interacting with Sealed Device NPC in Sycraia Underwater Ruins was intermittently unavailable.