GM Notes [GM Note] [GM Note] Pet Exchange Renewal
Black Desert 2018-10-24 18:30


Greetings Adventurers!


Our pets work hard for us and have become irreplaceable in our hearts and adventures. They pick up our loot, alert us of possible dangers, and have other helpful talents as well.


Many of our Adventurers try to get higher tier pets as they are able to learn more skills and pick up loot more often when they are exchanged.


However, the current pet exchange system leaves a little more to be desired. Did you ever wish that you could exchange pets even if they were many tiers apart? It was also annoying to prepare multiple Lv. 10 pets to get a higher tier one.


Well, good news everyone! We are here to introduce the new pet exchange system that makes it easier for Adventurers to get the friends they want!



First, pets of different species can be used to exchange with each other!

Dogs only with dogs? Cats only with cats? Not anymore!

The new exchange system will allow you to exchange pets regardless of their species.

This means you can exchange your dog with a cat if you want!


But, there is something you should take note of.

Pets won’t be divided by species, but they will be divided by ‘Exchangeable Types’.

All pets will fall into one of these 4 types. Exchangeable types can be found in the Pet List or in the Pearl Shop.


※Wizard Gosphy is a tier 1 pet, but it will increase the probability of getting a higher tier pet more than other tier 1pets.


Dogs and Long-tailed Rosefinches or cats and a Lost Penguins can be exchanged together as long as they are the same type.


Second, you’ll see the probability of the exchange and guarantee a higher tier pet!

Say goodbye to the days where you had to exchange your pets blind!

You’ll know the exact probability of the exchange, so you can choose to exchange them at any probability that you want.


That’s not all!

You will be able to exchange up to 5 pets at a time to guarantee yourself to get a higher tier pet.


Here are some table to make it easier for you to know what the new probabilities are like.

The tables compare the probabilities of exchange from before and after the renewal. They only show the probabilities of exchanging 2 pets. You are able to increase the probability of getting a higher tier pet by exchanging more pets at a time.

Q. Are the probability added together when I use multiple pets to exchange?

    A. Exchanging Tier 1+ Tier 1 (55%) + Tier 1 (55%) = 100% Probability to get a Tier 3 pet

Q. What happens when I exchange with pets of different tiers?

    A. Tier 3 + Tier 3 (35%) + Tier 3 (35%)+ Tier 1 (15%) + Tier 1 (15%) = 100% Probability to get a Tier 4 pet


Pets of lower tiers have become more useful as they can be used to increase your probability of getting a higher tier.


Third, pets can be exchange regardless of their tier difference.

Before, you couldn’t exchange pets that were 2 or more tiers apart. Like a tier 1 with a tier 3, a tier 2 with a tier 4, and most definitely not a tier 1 with a tier 4. So you had to get new pets to exchange every time.


Now, you can exchange pets at any tier.

It’s possible to exchange tier 1 pets with tier 3 pets!

Of course, exchanging higher tier pets with each other will give you a better probability of getting an even higher tier pet.


Oh! There’s already a tier 1 Carmadun Owl awaiting in anticipation with its eyes wide open!


Forth, level 1 pets can also become higher tier pets!

Before, you could raise your probability of success if your pets were level 10.

It was great that it raised the probability, but it took so long to get the pets to level 10.


After this renewal, you can exchange pets at any level that you want.

That’s because you’ll get the same results as exchanging a level 10 pet!


Don’t wait any longer and make your new friends now!


Focusing on Growth! - ‘Main Pets’

If there is a pet you really want to grow, then you can select it as your ‘Main Pet’.


The main pet is the base for the exchange. When you exchange the main pet with another pet, then its EXP and tier information will kept.


For example, a level 10 tier 3 Grey Moon Cat was selected as the main pet and exchanged with another tier 1 pet. The new pet will be at least tier 3 and have the same EXP as a tier 3 level 10, or it can become a tier 4 level 7 - 8.


The reason why the level drops when the pet becomes a higher tier is that the EXP that the main pet has is maintained after the exchange. However, pets of higher tier need more EXP to level. So if the pet stays the same tier, it will stay at the same level. If the pet goes up tiers, then the pet will be at a lower level.


You can choose to get a random appearance out of the pets your exchanging or inherit the appearance of the main pet.


Now hold it right there! You need to remember that the special skills that pets have are tied to their appearance! A cat has the special skill Resource Detection. However, if its appearance is changed to a dog then it will have the special skill Enemy Detection.


This is the same for talents. You can choose to get a random talent out of all the talents available or inherit a talent.



Main Pet (Example)



Lv. 10

Inherits from the Main Pet

(Level 10)


Tier 3

Inherits from the Main Pet

(At least tier 3)


Select to inherit or change

Talent (Type)

Resource Detection

Depends on the appearance of the pet


Select to inherit or change


We would also like for you to know that 'Pet Caretaker' NPCs are getting ready to start working in major cities. You’ll be able to learn Knowledge about pets by completing quests from them. They will also sell materials needed to make feeds that can help your pets grow and provide much more.


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