Updates [업데이트] 11/22 (Thu) Update Details
Black Desert 2018-11-22 17:00

Greetings Adventurers.
Here are the Black Desert Global Lab path notes for November 22nd, 2018.
In this update, new changes were added including
Dream Horse Doom, the new tool Riding Crop, and many more.
Please read on for more details.

◈ Black Desert Global Lab
In Black Desert Global Lab, for a smooth test performance, you will start as an Lv. 60 class when you create a character, and 2,792 Skill Points will be given to your created character.
You can also obtain Global Lab exclusive items through completing Challenges (Y), or Global Lab Goods Vendor NPCs.
■ How to purchase Global Lab exclusive items
You can purchase the items from NPC Eiorah located at each major town.

▶ [GM Note] Learn more about Eiorah, Black Desert Global Lab Exclusive Goods Vendor
Black Desert Global Lab Exclusive Challenges
Items needed for a smoother test are given by completing the followed Challenges.
Please note that each of these Challenges(Y) can be finished only once per Family.
[Global Lab Support Kit 1]
- Awakening Secret Book matching the character x1
- Weight Limit +250 LT x5
Inventory +16 Expansion Coupon x10
- Gold Bar 100G x5
- Polar Bear (Tier-4) x1
[Global Lab Support Kit 2]
- Kydict Gear Package x1 (AP 253 / DP 293)
- Tier-8 Horse Emblem x1
- Ship License: Epheria Sailboat x1
- Elion's Blessing x100
[Global Lab Support Kit 3]
- Big Hard-Boiled Shellfish x100
- Agile Seal Elixir x100
- [Event] Splat Fisher's Clothes Set (7 Days) x1
- [Event] Da-Dum Da-Dum Suit Set (7 Days) x1
[Global Lab Support Kit 4]
- Polar Bear (Tier-4) x4
[Global Lab Support Kit 5]
- [Event] Horse Flute (7 Days)
- Horse Emblem for Returning Adventurers (Tier 8)
[Global Lab Support Kit 6]
- [Event] Horse Flute (7 Days)
- +8 Epheria Sailboat: Dragon Prow
- +8 Epheria Sailboat: Enhanced Black Plating
- +8 Epheria Sailboat: Elena Cannon
- +8 Epheria Sailboat: Black Breeze Sail
[Global Lab Support Kit 7]
- Origin of Wind x50
- Ship Repair Kit x50
- Cannon Ball for Ship x50
- Frosted Matchlock x1
- Gold Bar 100G x2
[Global Lab Support Kit 8]
- Old Moon Distress Call x10
- Sealed Compass (120 min.) x3
[Global Lab Exclusive - Krogdalo’s Horse Gear Series]
(Retrievable until 11/27 (Tue).)
- Black Desert Global Lab exclusive Krogdalo’s Horse Gear - Earth Box
- Black Desert Global Lab exclusive Krogdalo’s Horse Gear - Wind Box
- Black Desert Global Lab exclusive Krogdalo’s Horse Gear - Ocean Box
[Global Lab Exclusive - Energy, Contribution Point Support]
- Concentrate Energy Potion (Restores 300 Energy) x10
[Global Lab Exclusive – Dream Horse Doom!]
(Retrievable until 12/5 (Wed).)
- Horse Emblem: Dream Doom

[Black Desert Global Lab Notice]
● You can now create level 1 characters to test the remastered main quest line.
● Characters created in Global Lab will have 330 energy from the start to make testing easier.
● A new Black Desert Global Lab exclusive Challenge was added.
* [Global Lab Exclusive - Energy, Contribution Point Support]
- Concentrate Energy Potion (Restores 300 Energy) x10
* [Global Lab Exclusive - Dream Horse Doom!]
- Horse Emblem: Dream Doom
- The Challenges mentioned above can be completed once per family until 23:59 on December 5, 2018.


Caphras Stones were made to enhance equipment with 100% success rate. This was to help adventurers that plateaued with high enhancement level equipment so that they can continue to grow by investing time and silver.
However, the additional stats from Caphras Stones affected Renown Scores and caused a huge gap to appear between adventurers with and without Caphras enhancement. So the following change was implemented in Global Lab:
The stats from Caphras enhancements on weapons and armor do not affect additional damage reduction and AP from Renown Scores.
But, we recognized this created another issue. This change would be a major nerf to adventurers that were using Caphras Stones to gain Renown Score. We are trying to come up with different solutions to balance adventurers with extremely high DP in PVP. New solutions will be tested out here first, in Global Lab.
This week, we have increased everyone’s AP by 10% in PVP regardless of Caphras enhancements. The idea is to make adjustments so that adventurers feel the efficiency of AP increase compared to DP. Additionally, adventurers that have 660 Renown Score or higher will now only benefit from effects given for Renown Score 660 and higher.
This update is one of many attempts we are making to resolve this issue. We are waiting earnestly for your feedback.
We will continue to balance using feedback from our adventurers to improve Black Desert. 

● AP in PVP was increased by 10% to counter-balance the effectiveness of damage reduction.
● Effects gained from Renown Scores have been changed so that adventurers with 660 Renown Score or higher do not receive all the accumulative effects. They will only receive the effects given for Renown Score 660 and higher.
● Dream Horse Doom, a child of Krogdalo of Kamasylvia, has emerged from the darkness and shows its face to the world. 
- Doom uses the power of fire to perform powerful attacks. It also can use great bursts of strength which allows it to go fast. 
- You can attempt to awaken a Lv. 30 tier 8 courser that has been trained to 200% through the NPC Gula in Stonetail Horse Ranch.
- If the courser is successfully awakened, then you will get either Doom, Diné, or Arduanatt. If it fails then its the training will be reset. (You can use Cron Stone to reduce 50% of the training lost)
- Doom can learn the following skills like Diné and Arduanatt.



Courser's Spirit

Automatically recovers HP and Stamina while parked.

Double Jump

Jumps one more time while jumping (Can be used after learning High Jump & Streak Leap)

S: Charge

Charges one more time while charging (Can be used after learning Charge)

- Dream Horse Doom is born with the skills Courser's Spirit, Double Jump, and Trailing Flames. It also has a chance to learn the skill Dark Sprint later.



Trailing Flames

Perform a powerful melee attack and deal fire damage.

Dark Sprint

It can be used after learning Instant Accel and S: Instant Accel.
It can be used while doing S: Instant Accel to sprint at high speed one more time.

- While using the skill Dark Sprint, enemies nearby will be damages. The areas around the enemies that are damage will show flame effects. When Doom learns the skill Dark Sprint, it will be able to damage enemies while using the skill S: Instant Accel as well.
- Doom is the only dream horse that has a chance of learning the skill Two-seater.
● The new equipable tool ‘Riding Crop’ was added.
* Riding Crop can increase Training mastery and max auto-run/regular running speed.
- Enhanced Riding Crop will give more Training Mastery.
- Riding Crop is equipped as a tool to be used.
- Manos Riding Crop can be made through manufacturing using Krogdalo's Origin Stone x1, Supreme Hard Hide x15, Manos Stone x5, Magical Shard x50.
- You can obtain knowledge when you complete making a Manos Riding Crop for the first time.
- Izaro’s Riding Crop and Loggia’s Riding Crop can be bought from the NPCs Izaro and Loggia.



Regular Running

Manos Riding Crop

Max Auto-run Speed +50%

Max Mount Speed +20%

Izaro’s Riding Crop

Max Auto-run Speed +30%

Max Mount Speed +10%

Loggia’s  Riding Crop

Max Auto-run Speed +15%

Max Mount Speed +5%

※ The movement speed effect of the Riding Crop is only applied when it has 100 durability or higher. Additionally, this effect only works on horses, but not if they are attached to a wagon. 
※ This effect does not work on skills used by horses.
● The creature awakened by the mysterious fishes in Black Desert can be defeated by all adventurers. Contribution for fighting this creature is not shared within the party. Each adventurer will need to damage it individually to loot it. Higher amounts of damage dealt increase the probability of getting better loot.
● Witch, Wizard - The number of targets the skill Magic Lighthouse can pull was changed from 4 to 7.


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