Updates [업데이트] 11/02 (Fri) Update Details
Black Desert 2018-11-02 20:00

Hello Adventurers!


11/2 (Fri) maintenance to update the life mastery equipment has ended.
Please read below for more details on the update.



● The following types of accessories will be added for all life masteries.
- Loggia accessories (Green)
- Geranoa accessories (Blue)
- Manos accessories (Yellow)

● The gathering/processing clothes for each type will be combined into a single Gathering Clothes/Processing Clothes.
- Loggia's Gathering Clothes (Green), Carta Gathering Clothes (Blue),
 > Lumbering, liquid collecting, hoe, mining, butchering, tanning
- Loggia's Processing Clothes (Green), Carta Processing Clothes (Blue)
 > Shaking, grinding, chopping, drying, filtering, heating

※ You'll get the same amount of life mastery by wearing the combined version of the life mastery clothes as you would from wearing a life mastery accessory. 
※ To make it easier for you to test these new items in Black Desert Global Lab, you'll be able to collect these items with TRI (III) enhancement from Challenges.
※ The previous life mastery accessories, processing clothes, and gathering clothes are expected to be changed to the new version of these items.